The Heart as a Symbol

The heart as a symbol isn’t really thought about too much. It represents love. It represents the heart center of the body. But why? The symbol that we use to represent a heart doesn’t actually LOOK like a heart… so why do we use it.

I will attempt to explain.

First there is one. The solitary.

heart symbol explained

Then the solitary meets another. Boy meets Girl. Girl meets Boys. There are lots of stories.

heart symbol explained

There is an attraction and the two are drawn to one another.

heart symbol explained

Their lives come together.

heart symbol explained

Their lives become intwined. Interestingly at this point the symbol resembles the linked wedding bands that are often used as a depiction or symbol of marriage.

heart symbol explained

The two now joined as one come together in their thinking and their lives and move into the future.

heart symbol explained

In some things becoming one in thought and action.

heart symbol explained

Fill that in and you get your basic heart shape.

heart symbol explained

Make it more defined and prettier and you have the common heart.

heart symbol explained

Color of blood and life.

heart symbol explained


heart symbol explained

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!!!

heart symbol explained


~ by justteejay on February 14, 2012.

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