Daily Drawing days 165 – 178

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Day 165 – Cosmic Cat.

Cosmic Cat drawing

Day 166 – The drawing prompt for this one was “missing mom” so I wondered what might go on while mom was out and about. I think this happened.

Carrot binge aftermath bunnies

Day 167 – “Thunder Bunny”

Thor Rabbit (Thunder Bunny)

Day 168 – Long Tail Fox

long tail fox

Day 169 – Blue Bird with coneflower

blue bird with coneflower

Day 170 – Drawing prompt “trade winds” – In my head I have always loved the drawings on the edges and borders of old maps…. but every time I go looking for them, I find that I don’t actually like them as much as I thought I did. It seems the ones in my head are more interesting. I may wind up doing a series of them at some point. Especially the water creatures (mermaids, sea serpents and the weird “dolphin like” things that show up on maps and in sculptures).

trade winds drawing

Day 171 – Drawing prompt “Lucky Strike”

Lucky Strike

Day 172 – Balloon animal friend. Some friendships don’t work out the way that we think that they are going to.

balloon animal friend

Day 173 – Puggle Magician. Not muggle, puggle.

puggle magician

Day 174 – Space Cats. On your stuff. Because that’s what cats do.

space cats

Day 175 – Drawing request was an evil fairy with her pet dragon. They didn’t wind up so evil… but probably because I have never seen dragons as evil. Fairies either I don’t believe. Maybe in some stories I guess, but I never picture them that way.

dragon and fairy having a nap

Day 176 – Drawing prompt was “mythical creatures with holly”. A tad bit past the season for holly, but it might make a nice Christmas Card (if I was the sort of person who was organized enough to send Christmas Cards).

flying mice with holly

Day 177 – Drawing prompt “Unicorn Dragon”. Guess there isn’t much else to say about that.

Unicorn Dragon drawing

Day 178 – MerMousalope (probably of the Royal House).


Daily Drawings Days 147 – 164

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Day 147 – Drawing prompt “starry blue butterflies”. Went more literal than I usually do.

starry blue butterflies

Day 148 – Thunderfloofs.

thunder floofs

Day 149 – Woman with a powdered wig. There is a really long convoluted story about how this one was inspired. I would tell you to ask me about it when you see me… but the odds are super good that I won’t remember by then.

woman with powdered wig

Day 150 – Cat Wrangler.

cat wrangler

Day 151 – Greenmen Dragons

greenman dragons

Day 152 – Fairy Houses (Watercolor)

watercolor fairy houses

Day 153 – Acorn Fairy House

acorn fairy house

Day 154 – An artist bird. Falling victim to just too many damn ideas and not enough time.

dead artist bird

Day 155 – Drawing prompt “faces in the fire”. Nothing burns like love.

faces in the fire - burning love

Day 156 – drawing prompt “beauty rising from the ashes”

ash dragon

Day 157 – the drawing prompt was something I have drawn too many times at this point. So instead of a female sugar skull…. here is a sugar glider and a skull. Close.

sugar (gllider) skull

Day 158 – the drawing prompt for this was “Revenge” which might as well be poison.


day 159 – which was (according to the internet) festival for the souls of the dead whales. Really. Who comes up with these things?

flying pink whale

Day 160 – Another pink elephant (because you can never have too many).

another pink elephant

Day 161 – Under-root bunnies. Snuggled all nice and warm together.

bunnies snuggled under roots

Day 162 – Medusa


Day 163 – As happy as a bird with a french fry.

as happy as a bird with a french fry

Day 164 – just a teeny bumble bee

teeny fluffy bumble bee

Daily Drawings Day 136 through 146

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Day 136 – Went for a bitty painting instead of a drawing. This is oil on canvas board.

deaths head moth painting

Day 137 – One of the Chiara Bautista fan pages asked for work inspired by her and to hashtag it #inspiredbychiara Not very many people submitted and they never followed up on it, but here was my contribution. I also went back and tagged the one that I did last year for the Drawlloween prompt “Mask”.

inspired by chiara bautista

Day 138 – Queen of Hearts. My niece was here and I asked her for a drawing suggestion for the daily drawing. She suggested President Bunny but since that was such a terribly hot topic at the moment (and still) I opted for a Queen Bunny instead.

She is on RedBubble.

queen of hearts bunny

Day 139 – another venture off to “Sketch my Face”. Not a lot of people have been adding new photos. I may have to find another place to steal face reference from.


Day 140 – Bunny (Baron) Samedi – I have this one in my idea list for quite a while and am super happy I finally had time. This one is on RedBubble.

Bunny Baron Samedi

Day 141 – Straight Jacket Rabbit – because some days it just isn’t worth gnawing through the restraints.

straight jacket rabbit

Day 142 – Happened to fall on Doctor Who day. I got a little overambitious with this one and didn’t get if finished on the day of. I posted the partial on Instagram… then finished it and the next day’s on the next day.

TARDIS in the wild

Day 143 – Cat in the Moon

cat in the moon

Day 144 – Great Tree of Peace and Clans

Great Tree of Peace

Day 145 – Three Green Mice

three green mice

Day 146 – Masonic Owl. Done as a thank you for a photographer for helping me with medical tattoo documentation.

masonic owl

That’s it for this one. I am seriously behind today and still need to draw today’s daily drawing and tomorrow’s client’s appointment.



Daily Drawings Days 123 through 135

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Day 123 – I had started this to show to a client for her tattoo. When she came in (before she had seen the drawing) she told me she wanted to go a different direction with the piece. This layout would no longer work. I opted not to show it to her , abandoned the daily drawing that I had started for this day and finished this one instead.

winged blue tiger

Day 124 – Ran out of time towards the end of the night. “Sketch My Face” is always a good resource when I don’t have a lot of time.

sketch my face

Day 125 – Poppies with a Mucha influence.

much poppies

Day 126 – Mushrooms. This is the drawing that I had started on day 123 and abandoned. So technically this one wasn’t done from start to finish in the one day. Oh well. They can’t fire me.

On a random note… I lost a bunch of Instagram followers when I posted the mushrooms. I had no idea people found mushrooms so offensive.


Day 127 – Fu Bat.

fu bat and peonies

Day 128 – Daruma Cat

Daruma Cat

Day 129 – A guy that I know (who happens to be named Guy, so that reads funny to me) had posted a snippet from an article about dropping “nuisance beavers” into certain areas via parachutes during the 1950s. He asked a few artists to please render their versions of Fifties nuisance paratrooper beavers. As far as I know, none of them did, but I couldn’t get the visual out of my head so I took a bash at it anyhow. I gave this one a reserve chute as I felt more comfortable about him being airborne with a back up plan.

I think this Beaver could take care of himself either way.

fifties nuisance paratrooper beaver

Day 130 – Sleeping Fox.

sleeping fox

Day 131 – Bunnerfly?

pastel bunnerfly

Day 132 – Young Satyr (Faun) and judgemental raccoon


Day 133 – Opossum – When I was little I had a book called “Just the Thing for Geraldine”. I had hoped that I would find what was just the thing for me. I think that I found it.

just the thing for geraldine

Day 134 – Myron. Poor Myron. He tries so hard. I hope things work out for him. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in return.


Day 135

bird lotus hand

Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet! May your life be full of unexpected beauty and gifts.


Second Half of Drawlloween 2016

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Drawlloween Prompt “Full Moon” and Daily Drawing Day 108

I decided to use the Drawlloween prompt “full moon” as an excuse to make another RedBubble Monster. So two pet kittens became one “monster” kitty. Personally I think two heads just makes a kitten twice as cute.

two headed kitten

The next Drawlloween Prompt was “Mad Science Monday” but I have to confess that I didn’t do a daily drawing that day. This one was made out of order on another day that I had more time. (It’s a Lab Rat.)

Mad Scientist Lab Rat

Daily Drawing day 109 and Drawlloween Prompt “Nosfera-Tuesday”. Perhaps a Nosferabbit?


Daily drawing Day 110 and Drawlloween Prompt “Witchcraft Wednesday”

Witchcraft Kitty

Daily Drawing Day 111 and Drawlloween Prompt “Horses and Headless Men”.

Halloween Horse

Daily Drawing Day 112 and Drawlloween Prompt Phantom Phriday.

Lady in White

Daily Drawing Day 113 and Drawlloween Prompt “Bat-urday”

blue bat

Daily Drawing Day 114 and Drawlloween Prompt “Superstition Sunday”.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. I remember how traumatized I was when I was little and I realized that a lucky rabbit’s foot was ACTUALLY a rabbit’s foot.

lucky rabbit's foot

Daily Drawing Day 115 and Drawlloween Prompt “Mechanical Monstrosity”.

Puddle Stomping Robot

Daily Drawing Day 116 and Drawlloween Prompt “Entombed”. When I did a search on this idea I found out that Dragonfly in Amber is a book by Diana Gabaldon. It’s the second in a series. I downloaded the first book to my iPad and am enjoying it so far. There is also a series on television (I think it is called Outlander) based on the books, but I want to read them before I go looking for that.

Dragonfly in Amber

Daily Drawing Day 117 and Drawlloween Prompt “They came from Outer Space”. These adorable little aliens are from Doctor Who. They are called Adipose and they are birthed from human fat (which they take a way a pound at a time). I think it sounds like a great idea.

Adipose (Doctor Who)

Daily Drawing day 118 and Drawlloween Prompt “Call of C’thursday”.


Daily Drawing Day 119 and Drawlloween Prompt “Go Go Ghosts”. I only drew one go-go ghost.

go go ghost

Daily Drawing Day 120 and Drawlloween Prompt “Black Caturday”. Was trying for a Day of the Dead sort of feel.
Everytime I draw a black cat with a pink nose I am reminded of a very weird conversation that I had with a client about black cats. If you think of it, ask me about it sometime. It is appropriate for internet sharing.

day of the dead cat

Daily Drawing Day 121 and Drawlloween Prompt “Skulls and Skeletons”. This one wasn’t a drawing and I didn’t finish it. But this is as far as I got that day.

underpainting of skull (in oils)

Daily Drawing Day 122 and Drawlloween Prompt “Trick or Treat”. I didn’t feel particularly inspired by the prompt and once again this is not a drawing. It is at least finished. This is indeed an egg (people asked) or technically an egg shell since I had the foresight to removed the liquidy bits before I painted on it with oil paint.

eye painted on egg

And so passes another Drawlloween month. I enjoyed myself and hope that I am able to do it again next year.

Thank you to all of you that read my blog and give me wonderful support and especially to those of you that have told me you find my work inspiring.

Drawlloween 2016 (first half)

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I decided to split this one in half so that the post wouldn’t be quite so large this year.

Drawlloween Prompt “Return from the Dead” – Daily Drawing Day 93

return my heart from the dead

Drawlloween Prompt “Carnival Creeps” and Daily Drawing Day 94

Carnival Creeps

Drawlloween Prompt “Mummy Monday” and Daily Drawing Day 95

Egyptian Mummy Cat

Drawlloween Prompt “Tentacle Tuesday” and Daily Drawing Day 96

Young Ursula and a poor unfortuante soul

Drawlloween Prompt “Better Gnomes and Goblins” and Daily Drawing Day 97

Gnome Couple

Drawlloween Prompt “Urban Legends” and Daily Drawing Day 98

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Drawlloween Prompt “What Lies in the Mist” and Daily Drawing Day 99

I really love this one. He is on RedBubble, but I think I am going to keep the original.

Guardian of Gaderen's Forest

Drawlloween Prompt “8 Legs and 1000 Eggs” and Daily Drawing Day 100

Victorian Spider Lady

Drawlloween Prompt “He’s a Dummy, Doll”  and Daily Drawing Day 101

sad marionette

Drawlloween Prompt “Demonday” and Daily Drawing Day 102

Personal Demons.

personal demons

Drawlloween Prompt “Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs” and Daily Drawing Day 103

Dagobah Bunny


and the response I got from Google when I went to check to make sure I was spelling Dagobah correctly…

did you mean to go to Dagobah?

Who knew google could get you all the way to Dagobah?

Drawlloween Prompt “I’ve Got a Hunchback” and Daily Drawing Day 104

gargoyle on shpere drawing

Drawlloween Prompt “Thursday the Thirteenth” and Daily Drawing Day 105

I have to admit that I found nothing to be inspired in by Thursday the Thirteenth. My original plan was to draw a black cat on the number 13. Then I saw a post by RedBubble that they were having another Drawing Suggestion thing. People post photos of their pets on Instagram under the hashtag #RBPetMonsters and the Red Bubble artists redraw them. This was the first one that I did (the other was done separately from my daily drawings or the Drawlloween project so I won’t post it here.)


Drawlloween Prompt “Scarecrow Row” and daily Drawing Day 106

crow scaring his friend

Drawlloween Prompt “Drive-In Creature Feature” and Daily Drawing Day 107

I really really wanted to do something with Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster – but I just didn’t have enough time. Perhaps I can do something with them both on another prompt.

This is my first drawing on the new smaller size tinted paper. I am hoping that I can use it more to get my drawings done a little bit quicker.

drive in creature feature

More to come in another two weeks.

Thank you everyone who has supported me and my artistic endeavors. You all keep me going in ways that you can’t imagine.

Thank you.


Daily Drawings Days 81 – 92

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Still at it. Still bad at keeping them updated here. Some of these are on RedBubble, but since the cut and paste link feature appears to not be working… you will have to follow the general RedBubble link at the top of this page if you would like to see which ones.

If there is an original of these that you are interested in, or one that you would like to see specifically on RedBubble, please let me know.


Day 81 – Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Day 82 – Unicorn


Day 83 – Fruit Bat


Day 84 – Rabbit Ears

tinfoil rabbit ears

Day 85 – Three Eyed Bunny

Enlightened Rabbit

Day 86 – Fireflies in Jar

fireflies in a jar

Day 87 – Too Much

A “back in the day” friend used to say “Can’t dance, can’t sing, too fat to fly” I think this bunny has had a little too much to eat to be flying anywhere for a while.

flying rabbit that is too full to fly

Day 88 – Aviator Bunny

These however seem very capable.

aviator rabbits

Day 89 – Night Bird

Night Bird

Day 90 – Owl and PussyCat

owl and pussycat

Day 91 – Sloth with Coffee (Sloffee)

I don’t drink coffee, but I love my caffeine this much. I am also completely useless in the morning rather I have any or not, but the caffeine helps.

This one is on RedBubble.

Sloth Coffee - Sloffee

Day 82 – Stormy Weather

It seems as though our troubles are essentially of our own making.

stormy weather