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Some of the other stuff I’ve been up to…

Start of the Milkweed Bunnies painting (oil on canvas)

milkweedIMG_1040milkweedIMG_1041milkweedIMG_1042milkweedIMG_1043milkweedIMG_1044milkweedIMG_1045milkweed bunniesmilkweed bunnies

Drawing done from the prompt “Lady Death Fae Bat”.

lady death fan bat

Second Session of Painting from Life. Oil on Canvas. Previous session is on a prior post.


Milkweed Bunnies in Progress

milkweedIMG_1240milkweedIMG_1241milkweed bunnies

Life Drawing on the iPad with ProCreate. I didn’t stay for the long pose.


First of two sessions from life. Oil on Canvas.


First session on a painted version of the Flying Fancytail Mermouse.


Wasn’t sure what else I wanted to do with the mouse and still had some time left in class, so I started a rose. Didn’t finish it and as of this writing have not gone back into it yet.

rose underpainting

Second of two sessions painting from life. Oil on Canvas.

life paintinglife paintinglife painting

First session on this Flying Bunny painting (in oil). In all honesty I really didn’t have a solid idea where I was going with this one. I had a rough sketch that I liked of just the bunny. I was very excited about the wings in the rough, but they just weren’t working well in the painting and ultimately I abandoned them to take this in a different direction. It’s always interesting to see where the paintings wander off to when I give them room.

FlyingBunnyIMG_1634FlyingBunnyIMG_1635FlyingBunnyIMG_1636FlyingBunnyIMG_1637FlyingBunnyIMG_1638FlyingBunnyIMG_1640FlyingBunnyIMG_1641FlyingBunnyIMG_1642flying bunny painting first sesion

Life Drawing done at Open Studio (Monday) at Steve Carpenter’s Gallery. These were done on the iPad in ProCreate. I didn’t stay for the long pose.

life drawinglife drawinglife drawing elflife drawing

Single session portrait drawing from life (in charcoal). This was a two session sitting but I missed the first one because it was the day I got bit by the cat.


This is based on a drawing that I had done of a fancy tail flying mermouse which I had used for some of my other stuff (business cards and stickers I think). I turned the mermouse to more of a profile which I’m not 100% convinced was a good idea. This one may be finished or I may go back into it some, I haven’t decided yet.

flying fancy tail mermouse

Second session on this flying bunny. Not finished yet, but getting better.

TeeJay Flying Bunny

By this time in the Drawlloween prompts I had gotten frustrated with this year’s prompts. I decided to give up on Drawlloween and just draw things that I wanted to draw.

TeaTime Companion.

tea time companion

TeaCup Pigs.

teacup pigs

Cat light bulb. I think I may revisit this drawing as there are a couple of things I would like to do differently. It may work better digitally or in paint so that I can get the color range I would like.

Edison bulb cat

Drawing that I did from the prompt “Dinosaur Cat Pants”. Because of course.

Tyrannosaurus rex in Cat Pajamas  More to come (as always)….

Tattooing – Because I still love it

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Retiring comes up a lot. I haven’t yet. Mostly I want to on the days that someone has frustrated me beyond my limits. In dealing with the public that still happens. Even though it still happens I love tattooing and I love 99.7% of my clients. Here is some of what I have been up to lately.

While it is true that I have cut way back in the projects that I am taking on. I will continue to tattoo friends and good people for the foreseeable future.

Lovely (healed) peony on a stellar human being.

healed peony tattoo

Getting there on Chad’s arm. Still a few empty skin spaces that are bugging him far more than you would think 🙂


Peacock tattoo for a really nice lady.

peacock tattoo

Memorial Tattoo. Did not get good photos of this one. Hope that he will stop in at some point so that I can get some when everything is healed and settled in.

color portrait tattoo

Little bitty adorable elephant for Amanda’s little wrist.

cute elephant tattoo

Started this Celtic Heart knot for Pat. Looking forward to going back into it. We haven’t decided if we are going to go color or black and grey shading. Suggestions?

Celtic heart tattoo

Because Jesse asks me if I would make her a Stink Bug tattoo. Are you kidding?!? How could I POSSIBLY say no to a request like that. Incidentally if anyone else would like any little bugs tattooed on them, please let me know.

stink bug tattoo

Chad is still picking away at those “pesky skin spots” that are remaining on his arm from the start of his first tattoo. We’ve almost gotten all of them now and he is going to have to decide soon where he is going next.

Chad's eye tattoo (underarm)

Robert is a newer friend but someone who I have learned a great deal from in a short period of time. I am glad he and his family have entered my life.

Sherlock tattoo

Quack is an old friend. He hasn’t gotten tattoo in a while but decided to come back to it by getting his ribs tattooed. Ouch! This has another session to go. The lines are healed and the color is fresh here.

The original artwork is by Rick Griffin. I did modify it some (but not too much).

rick griffin surfing skeleton

Leslie is an amazing human that I really enjoy spending time with. This is the healed photo from her last session.


This is what we added this time (the blue poppies). The flower above is also healed from a few sessions back.

blue poppies tattoorealistic flower tattoo

I did make other tattoos besides these as well, but the photos aren’t useable for one reason or another. I have some fun projects coming up this winter and am looking forward to a bunch of them.

till next time….

Drawlloween 2017

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I’ve had fun with these the last few years… and while admittedly I have slacked on my daily drawing project I was able to complete most of the prompts this year anyhow.

drawlloween prompts 2017

#1 Return from the Dead. I actually drew this one out of order. I was out of town visiting family and started on the 2nd. I don’t remember when I got around to this one, but I think of my RedBull every morning as bringing me back from the dead and I know other folks feel that way about their coffee.

in need of coffee

#2 Summon Day

summoning the demon bunny

#3 Tombsday


#4 Something Pumpkin this way comes.

pumpkin spider

#5 Full Moon Follies.

full moon follies

#6 Folklore Friday.

Paul Bunnyan and Babe the Blue Box.

Paul Bunnyan and Babe the Blue Box

#7 Cobweb Crawlers.

cobweb crawlers

#8 Deep Sea Denizens.

deep sea denizens

#9 Fanged Fiends.

bat friends

#10 Martian Mayhem.

martian mayhem

#11 Swamp Citizens.


#12 Ah! Reel Monsters.

Frankenstein Monster Bunny and Bride

#13 Friday the 13th.

Because of course Friday is Freyja’s Day.

Freyja the 13th

#14 Owl be Back.

Owl be Back

#15 Cornfield Capers.

raccoon bandit

#16 Carnival Carnage.

This is one of those that I would have loved to have spent WAY more time on. If I could have gone all Macfarlane on those tendrils, this would have been a really amazing piece.

Carnival Carnage

#17 Toadsday.

fairy toad

#18 Crypt Creeps.

A singular creeper. A nightwatchman who has seen too much.

crypt creeper night watchman

#19 Nightmare Nomads.

nightmare nomads

#20 Dr Jekyl & Mr Friday.

Dr Jekyl bunny

#21 Cadaverous Cowboys.

The cowboys have been properly disposed of. Now what to do with the knife?


#22 Ghast Christmas.

Which I opted to make “Gassed Christmas” instead.

Ghast Christmas

#23 Sewer Settlers.

sewer settlers

#24 Aw, Hex.

hex cat

#25 Do as I say, not as I Voodoo.

voodoo dolls

#26 I know a Sarcophagus.

cat coffin

# 27 Franken Friday.

frankenBunny recharging

#28 Ghouls Rush in.

#29 Sunday Bloody Sunday.

#30 Cauldron Crones

#31 Trick R Treat!

I pretty much ran out of both steam and interest at the end of the month. I think next year I will go with Mab’s Drawlloween Club instead. I like the prompts on that one better. Some of these just left me with no real inspiration and I think Mab’s are more generic. I had avoided it the last couple of years because the published list of prompts was just a list with no dates on it and I found it frustrating to follow. This year there was an updated list where they added the dates. Next year if they do that I will definitely follow that one instead. Or, if all else fails, I’ll print the list out and add it to my own calendar so I can follow what is going on.

Whatever, it’s fun and I find it inspiring. A couple of these are on my RedBubble page. If there is one that you would like to see there that isn”t, please let me know as soon as possible. The originals that have been sold are leaving for their new homes this week and I won’t be able to scan them after they have left.

Thanks for playing along! Happy Halloween (a bit late).



Seven Day Black and White Photo Thing

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I don’t know why.

It was a “challenge” on Facebook. Seven days, seven black and white photos from your life. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day to play along.

I can’t help but offer explanations. It’s a thing. I think too much (so I am told) so I explain too much.

I didn’t challenge anyone. I’m not so good at following directions.

Day 1

Couldn’t decide which one I like better so I posted two.


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

human skull

Day 5

My kitchen. The painting is not one of mine. It was painted by Jed Leiknes.

Jed Leiknes painting

Day 6

This was supposed to be a nice shot of the tubes of paint in my travel case. As is often the case – the kitties came to investigate what I was up to. They wound up being much better to photograph than just paint.

tubes of oil paintkitten with oil paintkitten with oil paintkittens with oil paint

Day 7

This is a “cousin” of the Blue Morpho. It is an iridescent white. It is framed and hung in the Webster location in my work room. I love looking at it. Some day I might paint it. I’ve always been amused by the prosthetic antennae. Is that someone’s only job? Putting teeny antennae on mounted butterflies? How did they mount it when there is no glue visible on either side? Questions to ponder.


Some other photos that I took during this “project” that I didn’t use.





this is it neon sign

To Update you on all things Cat

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Cleo and her kittens have passed all of their blood tests. Cleo needs to be watched for a few more weeks to figure out for sure if she is pregnant or not (it’s possible that she got pregnant right before we picked her up and the kittens don’t show up on an x-ray until 4 weeks). Once she is cleared we will take her in to have her spayed. If she has calmed down enough to remain a housecat, we will either keep her or find her a good forever home.

The kittens are healthy and happy. They are fully integrated into our household and have the run of the house with our resident kitties. As of today they are about 7 weeks old. Once they are 8 weeks old they can start their vaccination series. If someone is able to take a kitten and they are someone that I know and trust then they are ready to go at any time. If they are being adopted out to someone that I don’t know personally I will make sure that they are spade/neutered before they go to their new home(s). There are two males (the mostly all grey ones) and one female (the one with more of the tabby markings).

BaldurIMG_1526FreyjaIMG_1525 BaldurIMG_1491FreyjaIMG_1485AllthreeIMG_1483 FreyjaIMG_1478ThorIMG_1382 ThorIMG_3791 ThorIMG_3792 FreyjaIMG_3793 AllThreeIMG_1285 AllThreeIMG_1259

Also last night we picked up “Bob” and her four kittens. Bob has some intestinal issues going on, but she is otherwise healthy and passed all of her blood tests for the communicable stuff. Bob is super super friendly and happy. She has to remain in quarantine for at least two weeks to make sure she is eating and digesting everything properly. She was given dewormer today. She was a good girl at the vet and purred for the doctor. She is underweight but eating and I will be sure to pamper her to get her back up to her healthy weight.

Britt took Bob’s kittens to her house last night. They haven’t been to the vet yet, there are four of them (sex so far undetermined). They will be adoptable also once they have passed all of their tests and have been spayed/neutered. Photos when I update the next time.



This ends the feral colony and the suspected kitten production facility that has been going on. We have rounded up everyone who was outside and living on the street. Everyone will be taken care of medically and get new loving homes. It remains to be seen if Cleo will be able to adjust to inside. She has clearly been outdoors for a long time. For now she is safe and glaring at us. We can love her even if she is an angry kitty.

If you are interested in providing a home for any of the kitties here – please reach out to me directly at

Thank you!

And if you would like to be financially supportive, that works too. So far I am paying out of pocket for all of the medical visits. I believe that Lollipop can help with the spay/neuter but everything us is falling on us personally.

Can’t hurt to ask.


I’m not Sorry. It was worth it.

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There is a lot of before this to this story that I am not going to get into here. We can talk about it next time we get together.



There is this cat. She has had at least three litters of kittens outside partially because one of Joey’s neighbors is a horrible person. This will be the last time she has to do that. Through a joint effort between Joe and myself this kitty (Cleo) is no longer on the street. Her and her three surviving kittens are safely at my house.

Cleo was not excited about this change of address.


Her kittens were a bit unsure at first as well.


It only took the kittens a little while and some snacks to start feeling right at home.

firstdaythreeinboxIMG_1152 firstdaywaterbowlIMG_1153

They will all be checked out by my vet shortly. Cleo does appear to be pregnant. She is refusing to nurse the kittens, but they are eating quite well on their own. Everyone will get checked out and have all their appropriate medical needs taken care of.

Why am I telling you this?

During the course of the “capture” and transfer Cleo bit me. I don’t blame her (and for the record, Home Depot’s puncture resistance gloves aren’t). I went to Urgent Care right away and have received the medical attention that I needed. I thought everything was healing up well, but it appears that I still have an infection in my thumb. This means that in addition to the appointments that I have already cancelled, I will need to cancel some into next week. If you have an upcoming appointment, please call and check in – especially if you are coming from a distance.

I apologize to everyone that I may inconvenience with the rescheduling. I do honestly feel badly about that – but I have to be honest. I would do it again. I have been so worried about this kitty and the others that Joey’s neighbor is “taking care of”. I hope that we can get Bob and her kittens off the street and into protective custody soon as well. Right now we can pick Bob up, but don’t know where her kittens are so we can’t take her.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please if you have friendly/stray/abandoned kitties in your neighborhood, get them into your vet or Lollipop to have them spayed or neutered. They snip their ear so that others will know they have been fixed and then they can be re-released if they aren’t adoptable.  If you can’t afford it, there are programs to help.

3kittensIMG_1187 3kittensIMG_1189

I will update you all on these kitties (and if there are more) and how they can be adopted when everything else is said and done.


More New Adventures in Art

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The figure drawing classes that I go to on Monday nights have been great. I have learned a ton and I love it. For a while now I have been interested in spending more time with the model in a particular pose. I keep coming back to this whole portrait drawing from life. I keep taking classes and workshops. I have never figured it was going to be the next direction in my art – but for whatever reason it keeps pulling me back to it and I decided to stop trying to fight it. I don’t know what one does with all of these life drawings – but I am going to keep making them anyhow.

It came to my attention that there was a group that gets together on Thursdays from 1-5 at the Hungerford Building. They have a model pose for that whole time and often for more than one day. A couple of months ago I started clearing my Thursdays and rearranging things so I would be able to attend.

I decided I would draw the models in charcoal since it makes such nice finished drawings (and because I hate it and I still believe I will grow more as an artist by working in mediums that I am uncomfortable with).

My first session there was a wonderful guy who goes by Lightning. He has a great face, a wonderful smile (which he couldn’t hold for the pose, but I tried to capture hints of) and he sat really well.


I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I had to miss the next week as I still had one more Thursday booked for tattoo appointments. It was the first of two sessions with a model named Charity. I was able to attend the following week for her second sit on the pose.


The following session was going to be Lightning again in the second of the three sessions in the same pose. I didn’t feel like I had another 4 hours to put into the charcoal drawing that I had started. I went back and forth for a while over what to do. In the end I decided to push even further outside of my comfort zone and try my hand at painting during the session.


As a side note, these canvases are left over from when I took the Casey Baugh workshop. They are very expensive lead primed linen canvases and I hate them. They are too stretchy and the supports shows through and push on the canvas. I’m going to try to push this one out before I paint on it again next session. I would never buy them again.

Funny enough they were also the first canvases to rot out on my yard exhibit experiment so overall they aren’t necessarily good archival wise either.

Not everything expensive is better.


WAY outside of my comfort zone but I’m actually (all things considered) relatively happy with where this is going.

I still don’t know what I am doing with these – but I know that I am growing and learning in the process. And really that is all that matters. New adventures. New goals. Pushing myself.