Tattoo Update May 2018

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Got behind again. I have come to accept that this is going to be an ongoing theme in my life.

Started working on Casey’s Satyr Skull tattoo after a bit of a hiatus. It is (obviously) still in progress, but I also made both of his sleeve tattoos.


There is a lot going on in this one. It was a fun project! I used to tattoo a lot of pin-up stuff and I don’t get nearly as much call for them anymore.
This one is on a forearm and was completed in the single session.HarleyQuinn

Love this one. This is on her thigh.


I have admitted publicly that this may be my favorite tattoo ever. Having much fun working on this one and will be sad when it is finished. Of course he is talking about maybe working on the other arm now… so who knows.


Single session add on (chest). I did not make the Roman numerals portion of the tattoo.


Surfing Skeletons (on ribs) based on the work of Rick Griffin.


Small commemorative tattoo to celebrate having been at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch (so cool!). We went with the Space Suit from Elon’s launch, but used the original car from the Heavy Metal movie.


CareBear tattoo made on the calf.


Memorial tattoo made on the ribs. Tough client!


First stage of a work in progress. Tattoo is based on the artwork of Ben Newman. Ben does beautiful illustrations and I would LOVE to adapt more of them into tattoos.
This one is on a thigh.


Healed Pressed Fairy tattoo on the back of a calf.


King David on an upper arm.


Care Bear’s tummy to look embroidered.


More work on this sleeve


Little critter out of the Garden of Earthly Delights (Hieronymous Bosch). Just below the knee on the shin. (ouch).
There are a hundred tattoos EASILY in that painting. Feel free to select one for yourself. I would LOVE to make a series of these.

Another session on Casey.


Different take on Lady Liberty. This is on a forearm and is partially healed and partially fresh when the photo was taken (which is never flattering for the tattoo).


Vincent on a forearm. She didn’t want him to be smoking, so we went with a Burton-esque style pumpkin instead.


Dog portrait. I did not make any of the other visible tattoos, just the dog.


I made the tattoos on both hands and the fairies on the inside of the forearms… but I haven’t been able to get a decent photo of the fairies.


Monarch Butterfly tattoo on an ankle.


Adding some better contrast and some background to a piece I started a while ago. Forearm.


Sleeve in progress. One (maybe two) more sessions to fill the rest of it in.


This is the start of a Johnny Depp montage piece on her thigh. All of them will be different characters that Johnny Depp has played.


Another session on the Ben Newman piece, next session should finish this one up.


Adding some background to Robert’s sleeve. The bird is a cover up… everything that is visible is my work.


Underarm Elephant.


As always…. more to come.


Life Painting May 19th, 2018 – second session of Mia as Mother Nature

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Not much commentary on this. I am happy with where it is going. This is the progress that I made during the second session.

I’m pleased with it thus far and hope to do more with it later.


I did take reference photos, but will try not to alter the face/skin tones based on the photos as they are never as rich as what you can see from life.

Always so many things that I would like to be working on…

The Hair Experiment

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Not too long ago I was thinking about shaving my hair off again. It’s a long story and it’s not important. I don’t like to rush into decisions like that so a couple days into thinking about doing that… I saw a post for a hairdresser who was looking for volunteers to do some super colorful hair. I figured that if it went horribly I could always go back to the original plan and shave me head – so I volunteered.

We met, we discussed options. I really didn’t want anything predominantly orange or predominately green. (Orange doesn’t look good next to my skin tone and I don’t care for the way green fades.)

On April 30th I spent a surprisingly pleasant day at the salon getting my hair colorful. I loved it! The blends that she did and the placement of the colors that she chose were really flattering. The color looked comfortable and natural in a way that bright colored hair really shouldn’t. Perfect job.

062F90FB-6EE7-463A-974D-664DA9B4AD4F 2D1187C4-23DD-4D2C-BDBD-53B0E3483613

I especially loved the blue on either side of my face. Unbeknownst to the stylist I had chosen to have my hair very similar colors many years ago. So it almost seemed familiar in a way.

I followed all of the directions, used the special shampoo and conditioner and washed my hair out of the shower with cool water. A pain in the ass, but I wanted to showcase the skills of the lovely lady who had taken such care and time to make this look so nice.

I don’t believe that she did anything wrong, but I do believe that the product that she wasn’t using wasn’t as great as we would have liked. When I had done this years ago we used Manic Panic. It faded pretty evenly (and dyed my back, tub and clothes the color of the dye) but then I wasn’t doing anything special to protect it. The light pinks washed out quickest with the manic panic, so we started making the fade go from the purple to the magenta leaving the lighter pinks out.
With this product almost everything except the magenta faded almost immediately.

I didn’t take photos the first few days but by May 9th (nine days later) it had faded to this.



I called to book an appointment to have it redone, but they couldn’t get me in until May 24th.

I tried to wear it up and braided to camouflage the fade as much as possible. It faded much slower after that and another week later on May 16th it looked like this.



I actually don’t mind the fade except for on my bangs. I don’t really care for how I look as a blonde so I started doing some research of something that I could do to re-color it a little bit before my appointment. I found some stuff online called Colorditioner that had some good reviews. This morning I tried it out on the ends a bit and even less on the bangs. ( We are now 20 days out from the initial coloring).





I am happy with what it did. I now wish that I would have used more, but I also don’t want to interfere with whatever we are going to do on the 24th. I may put a teeny bit more on the bangs, or maybe not.

I will update you on how things go on the 24th and what we decide to do… but so many people have asked me about it that I figured it was easier to explain here.

I promise the next update will be art related.

Perhaps fun hair color isn’t for people who run and wash their hair every day? We shall see. I am enjoying the fun colors and have a back up plan now that doens’t involve shaving my head again.


may 21st. I did go ahead and add a little more of the magenta to my bangs. I’m happier with it now and will be able to hold out until my appointment Friday.



So today is May 26th. Here is what the color looked like yesterday after I went for my run.


The Viral Colorditioner was holding fairly well.

Yesterday I went back and had the color redone. I had explained how quickly the color had faded especially the yellow and the pink. That magenta loved my hair and had held on nice and tightly. The stylist decided to go with deeper tones to get me more longevity this time. I washed it this morning and after drying it this is what it looks like today.





I have to admit that I am disappointed. It looks to me like there are areas that she missed with the color. In the areas where the color was supposed to blend from one to another the transitions didn’t take. This happened last time but it was less noticeable because the color was lighter. I am leaving for Europe today and don’t have time to address this or try to fill in the gaps with the colorditioner. I will most likely wear my hair up and/or braided to help camouflage the inconsistencies. It’s still fun hair, but I’m still disappointed.

I will try something different when I get home to see if I can come up with a plan that looks nice to me.

Suggestions that don’t involve shaving my head would be appreciated.

Life Painting May 3rd, 2018 – Mia as Mother Nature

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I want to try and do something with my life paintings better than wiring them to a fence and watching the elements take them.

So when I heard that Mia was going to dress as Mother Nature for the next session I decided this was a great place to start. This canvas is larger than the ones that I have been using. I also took some reference photos with the intention of working on some parts of this from home between now and next week’s session.

As always some things that I am happy with and some things that I am definitely NOT happy with… but it is all good practice and I am hoping that my skills are continuing to improve.

Cool bonus. One of the other participants noticed how loose the canvas was on my prestretched canvas and taught be how to tighten them up much easier than how I have been trying to do it. Thanks Kevin!


Hell City 2018 – Wet Paint Project – Columbus Ohio

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Wet Paint Project is one of my favorite things. Chris Dingwell organizes a bunch of artists to hang out for the weekend and create art “live” and “on stage”. For the attendees of Hell City it is an opportunity to see what goes into creating our artwork (outside of tattooing) that they may not be able to see happening normally (or ever). For the attending artists it is a huge block of time to sit and create without having to worry about the phone ringing, the laundry needing done or rather that noise is that cat puking on something. We also get to hang out with friends that we don’t always get to see… and we get to be creative in a group setting (which also rarely happens).
I am honored that Chris allows me to continue to participate in this event and that I get to be among the amazing artists who are present.

There is lots of coverage out there of the rest of the convention so I will leave that to the more sociable and well known humans to cover.

Here is what I worked on over the weekend.

Started out working on the piece from last weekend’s opening.Qdt+XHZtQiaCqRcDqq5Hmw

Then started a new one.






None of these are finished – but I got good solid progress on all of them and am looking forward to finishing them up and starting on some of the new pieces that were inspired bu this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hi and those people who picked up drawings and postcards to add to their collections. I couldn’t do what I do without all of you and I am both humbled and grateful for the people who collect me work.

See you next year!

Opening at Whitman Works Gallery

•April 17, 2018 • 1 Comment

Had a simply splendid time at Whitman Works for the opening on my show this past weekend. Thank you so very very much to everyone who took the time to stop by and say hi and check out the show. It will be hanging until the 28th, so if you missed the opening, you still have time to stop by and see what there is to see.


I opted to paint for the first two days of the show as my opening instead of a normal party type thing. It worked out much better. I had more time to visit with the people who stopped by one on one than I would have at a convention opening party and I was able to start a couple of paintings.

Overview of the show:


The very beginning:



First sales of the show. Thank you so much!!!


Day 2



Photos from Friends:


I had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to this weekend at Hell City when I can hopefully finish up these two paintings and start some more.

Yeah, some tattoos

•December 29, 2017 • 1 Comment

I tattooed a fairy on my sister based off of a painting that I made (that my mom has) that my daughter posed for the reference. As a result the painting and the tattoo look a bit like my kid. So this is my kid (kind of) tattooed on my sister Joelle. Our Mom is still speaking to all of us and my sister did a great job healing the tattoo so I didn’t have to threaten her. I haven’t done much of that recently since she’s an adult and all.

I miss my family terribly and it was wonderful to get to spend some time with my sister and tell some “back in the day” stories. I think it’s really fun when tattoos mean something that would never be obvious to the casual observer. It allows us to share our stories if we choose to, but they can still be enjoyed just for the art without needing an explanation.

Teigan Fairy tattoo

After a bit of a hiatus we are back to working on Casey’s Satyr Skull tattoo. Yes, that hurts every bit as much as you think that it does.

Satyr Skull tattoo (in progress)

Work in progress on a sleeve that I am super excited about. There is a subsequent session photo further along in this piece.

work in progress - tattoo sleeve

King David.

King David Tattoo

Added a sun behind the Rick Griffin based surfer skeleton on my friend Quack’s side. He calls me PinHead when I tattoo him.

rick griffin surfing skeleton tattoo

the Enchanted Rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

enchanted rose tattoo

Tiger Baby?

tiger baby tattoo

It was a great honor to make this memorial tattoo for a wonderful human being who unfortunately lost his wife. You don’t need to know why he chose a pressed fairy to get tattooed for her – she would have gotten it. I am huge fan of Brian Froud’s work and have always loved the Pressed Fairy book.

Looking forward to getting healed photos.

pressed fairy tattoo

Pressed Fairy tattoo

I didn’t get good photos of this session, but this is a really fun project on a great human who I look forward to seeing when she comes in.


This actually may be my favorite tattoo ever. People always ask me if I have a favorite. I never did. This might be it. Hopefully I don’t do anything to screw it up now that I have said that publicly.


I made this Abby cat tattoo…

cat portrait tattoo

working from this reference…


I didn’t get the drawing right on this the first time – client was patient enough with me to wait until we could get it right. Both of us were happy with this version.

black and grey owl tattoo

Healed photos of these cat enhanced breasts 🙂


Fun addition to an existing piece on a wrist. Starr made the ribbon tattoo (I don’t know how long ago) and I added the sunflower (and ladybug).

sunflower tattoo

For clarification (and for anyone who reads these). Once again, I have not retired from tattooing. I still tattoo. Quite a bit. I no longer want to make tattoo that have words in them. I like making tattoos like the ones that I post, especially brightly colored minimal outline tattoos. Anything involving an animal or nature themes is always good.

I’m okay with people telling other people that I am retired. If enough people say it, maybe eventually it will be true.