Daily Drawings (and suitable substitutes) Days #61 – 80

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I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I updated this. Since I am out of commission for most functional task with some sort of illness (which I have un-affectionately dubbed “the Plague) I have time for computer stuff.

Enough whining (for now)

Day 61 – Coyote Present

Coyote, the Trickster. Coyote brings us lessons that we need to learn but don’t necessarily appreciate at the time.

Coyote Present

Day 62 – Dr Frank N Bun

A nod to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the immortal Dr Frank N Furter.

Frank N Bun

Day 63 – Red Wing Black Bird

I was given a hard time about this one by a couple of people because there is “nothing weird about it”. I did this one because I was really missing my daughter and the red wing blackbirds always make me think of her (like so many other things do).

Red Wing Black Bird

Day 64 – CATerpillar

Or the Cheshire Caterpillar. This one is on RedBubble.

Cheshire Caterpillar

Day 65 – Pumpkin Cat

I have to admit I am a little bit excited for the cooler weather to make it’s appearance.

Pumpkin Cat

Day 66 – Sidewalk Fox

Since I participated in the Perry Chalk Festival Last year I have been telling myself that I should get out an practice. I hadn’t. This summer has been so hot and dry that I finally decided I should take advantage of it. This fox was done in the end of our driveway and lasted really well (for a week or so?).

sidewalk fox

What he looked like from the other direction.


Day 67 – Sketch my Face

I am always hesitant about doing these as I don’t know how the person in the photo is going to react. I had a good feeling about this one since her user name is @totallydeadbabies, I figured she had a good sense of humor. She does.

Sketch my Face

Day 68 – Sidewalk Bunny

Since the fox was a fairly successful experiment (and was holding up so well) I tried another one using perspective. These are really weird as they look kind of okay when you are standing there – but much better when viewed through a camera (as it becomes a single point you are looking at if from instead of the stereoscopic view your eyes would provide). Here are both angles – I actually really like the inverted one.


Day 69 – Limited Time Offer

Got a phone call a day or two after I posted this from a friend who wanted to know if I would be willing to tattoo this on him. But of course! Since I only tattoo them once, if you would like one for your own you can check out RedBubble and get a version of him there.


Day 70 – Bubble Bunny

Also on RedBubble


Day 71 – Flip Flop Bird

Inspired by a little rehabbing birdie who was floating around the internet. His footwear was described as snow shoes or flip flops depending on which version of the story you came across. I went with the flip flops. I do have to admit that I cheated a bit on this one. I had put the background in REALLY roughly the morning that I drew this and have cleaned it up some before scanning it to be put here.

Bird in Flip Flops

Day 72 – Tiger Shark

I was told it looks more like a tabby. Either way, I was very pleased with this one and it is also on RedBubble.


Day 73 – Teeny Silver Point

I was in a hurry and was starting my seminar with Rob Liberace the next morning. I was gathering up my supplies and decided a quick silverpoint piece was in order since I hadn’t worked with it in a bit.


Day 74 – Silverpoint Julie

My intention was to keep up with my daily drawings outside of what I was doing in the Workshop (as I normally do during the week outside of my normal tattoo work) unfortunately my health was far less than stellar the week of the workshop and utter exhaustion was sending me to bed every night pretty much right when I got home. There would be no extra work this week.

This is (some of) Julie. She poses for us regularly and I left her head off at Rob’s request. He wanted us to focus on one portion of the body at a time beginning with the torso and not to do the face as we could easily get too caught up in creating a likeness to get anything else done.


Day 75 – Silverpoint Sally

Same thing but with more time. I had everything except her head done again at Rob’s request, but in the last 2o minutes or so I just had to give her a face. I couldn’t leave her with everything else done and no head. Seemed too creepy. So I feel like her head was a little bit rushed, but I do like it better than when she had none.


Day 76 – Monique Head Studies

The three heads on the right were done fairly quickly and then more time spent on the main head (obviously). I was not encouraged to lay this out this way. It was pointed out to me that it was not aesthetically pleasing. Since I don’t do anything with ANY of the figure or portrait work that I do I figured this really wasn’t a big deal. My apologies if it offends your sensibilities. The ink figure on the end is Sally posing for the other half of the room since I didn’t use the full 15 minutes making the little watercolor of the back of Monique’s head.


Day 77 – Sally Watercolor


Day 78 – Monique Watercolor


Day 79 – Silverpoint

Day 79 was Saturday and I was supposed to go back to work and start on an Alice in Wonderland sleeve that I am very excited about. The Plague had other ideas and I spent most of the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself and watching NetFlix. I also made these.



That one is silver point, splattered watercolor and sharpie. I am interested to see how all of this ages on the plike paper.

Day 80 – Sick Day Dragon

Obviously at this point I am still sick. I am not happy about it. The kitties are thrilled that I am spending so much time in bed. They keep trying to comfort me by laying on my chest, which is not super helpful when it’s already hard to breathe. I love them so I let them stay anyhow.











Daily Drawing Series Day 47 through 60

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Day 47 – Bambi and Thumper

do you suppose I can get in trouble for naming them that?

female faun and rabbit

Day 48 – Teacup Dormouse

Obviously one of the days with much less time.

teacup dormouse

Day 49 – Wizard Kitty

This little wizard makes me super happy every time that I look at him. This one did make it to RedBubble. I haven’t been putting as many of them on there lately.

wizard kitty

Day 50 – Cosmic Moth (CosMoth)

Having lots of fun with the different colored paper. Although I definitely prefer the toned tan, some of the other colors work better for other projects.

cosmic moth cosmoth

Day 51 – Is it Better to Burn out? or to Fade Away?

I hear this in my head in the voice of the Kerrigan from the movie Highlander. I know it is a song also, but this line will always belong to the Kerrigan.

better to burn out than to fade away

Day 52 – Purple Panda

purple panda with balloon and bunny friend

Day 53 – In our Own Bubbles

I think a lot of the time we don’t realize how protected we are – and how vulnerable we could be.

wolf and bunnies in bubbles

Day 54 – BumbleBears (BearBees)

I thought these little guys were super adorable and was very pleased with them as characters. The internet was spectacularly ‘meh’ about them. You never know what is going to strike a chord with people (and what isn’t). If this drawing hangs around long enough I may go back into it and put some green leaves softly in the background. You never know.

bumble bears bearbees

Day 55 – Drink Me

drink me bottle

Day 56 – Castle Dragon starter set

I was wondering to myself about what little bitty castle dragons would attack before they were full on castle destroying entities.

baby castle dragon

Day 57 – Rodeer


Day 58 – Lantern

crystal lantern

Day 59 – PepperMint Mouse

Turns out that peppermint oil is supposed to be a good way to rid your home of unwanted mice. I figure there has to be that mouse out there that loves the stuff.

peppermint mouse

Day 60 – Inverted Fish

The drawing on the left is the original drawing and the normal looking is inverted in photoshop. I would love to do more of these and check how they are coming out throughout the process. I didn’t check this one flipped until I decided that I was finished with it. There may be more of these as I have been wondering what to do with the white paper that came in the variety pack of papers that I bought. Who wants white paper when there are so many options available?

inverted goldfish drawing

Feedback on these drawings has dropped off and I have started running again so I don’t know if I will continue to make them daily.

If you would like to see me continue, drop me an encouraging note and/or let me know. I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you!!!


Daily Drawings Days 36-46

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Day 36 – My cat was kind of sitting in this pose. I was thinking about the idea of keeping little predators in the house. How far would we be willing to take that? I definitely would want a bitty dragon for a pet. Of course, I would want a full size dragon for a pet (or friend) as well. I’ve never been appropriately logical for that sort of thing.

bitty dragon

Day 37 – Jester Bunny – Nothing complicated. Wanted to combine jester, bunny and octopus.

This was the first of my daily drawings that wasn’t actually completed in the day that I started it. I finished it the next day and a couple of days later I did a second drawing in one day to do penance. Not like it’s that big of a deal, but I don’t want these to turn into multiple day projects.

bunny jester

Day 38 – Gryffin – I was at the Pagoda City Tattoo convention and Holly was tattooing a Gryffin on a client. It seemed like a good idea.


Day 39 – Celtic Bunny – It’s been a while since I drew anything celtic. I miss it. It’s kind of relaxing and zen. I’ve always thought of it as math made pretty.

celtic bunny

Day 39 Bonus Drawing – Bee and Thistle

thistle and bee

Day 40 – Wizard – I picked up one of Joe John’s stickers for Wizard’s World and wanted to draw my version of it. I didn’t realize at the time that Joe had drawn the wizard for the sticker. I stuck the stickers on my mirror at the shop so I can’t take a scan of them.

wizard world

Day 41 – Demon Cat – This is another exercise in the whole scanning neon colors thing. This time it is an orange high-lighter marker. This kitty is bright and orange in really real life. I like the red tones too. It’s all fascinating: the way that the colors look to the eye versus the scanner.

A little girl at the convention suggested this one. She actually suggested a demon cat with a fish fork for a pitchfork. I may revisit this later so that I can include a pitchfork.

demon cat

Day 42 – Being as 42 is the answer to life, the Universe and everything…. a nod or two had to go out to the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for day 42. If you aren’t familiar with the book(s) – go out and read them.

I give you Zaphod BunnyBrox. Two headed (of course) with a heart of gold, a bowl of petunias, a hitchhiker (the snail) and the galaxy in the background.

zaphod bunnybrox

Day 43 – I bought myself some new paper. It’s sold for pastels, but it seems to work pretty well with the pencils. It’s nice to have some other colors to play with.

meditative winged merbunny

Day 44 – Pussy Willows

PussyWillows on RedBubble

pussy willow kitties

Day 45 – A bitty elephant. I’m not sure if those wings are his or he is playing dress up.

Bitty Elephant on RedBubble

bitty elephant (with wings)

Day 46 – When Pigs Fly. You know… you’ve heard the expression. I think when pigs fly they have a grand time. I am still curious why there is a hashtag for pigsflynaked. Pigs being dressed seems less of a common theme than pigs flying. Aren’t they usually naked?

When Pigs Fly on RedBubble

when pigs fly

Several of these are on RedBubble. If there are some that you are looking for on RedBubble that aren’t there – please let me know and I can upload them for you.

I will get around to updating the tattoo photos at some point also, but not today.





Next couple of weeks of the Daily Drawing project

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and so it continues…

day 16 – the ever elusive mothmouse – hard to find. they have been rarely studied. This one seems a bit pleased with himself.

MothMouse on RedBubble


day 17 – The pink elephant with golden spots. This was a character from a book that I had when I was small. I accredit it with being the one that caused me to declare that I wanted to be an illustrator. This may or may not be true. Stories get convoluted with the passage of time.
RedBubble picked this one up as a featured image and to date it has been my best seller.

Pink Elephant on RedBubble

Pink Elephant (with golden spots)

day 18 – Peacock tail mermaid. Like all good ideas this one was completely stolen. I actually did two versions of this and this is the second. I don’t know what happened to the scan of the original.

Peacock Mermaid on RedBubble

peacock tail mermaid


day 19 – lovely little tortoise (turtle?) all decked out and headed somewhere. somewhere fancy.

fancy shelled tortoise


day 20 – Balancing Act. Most of life seems to be one.

balancing act - tightrope walker

day 21 – The further adventures of the Explorer Snails. Traveling in style this one is.

Explorer Snail on RedBubble

explorer snail = hot air acorn

day 22 – Really this was because I wanted to draw the mushrooms.

Little Friend on Redbubble


day 23 – I have a deep seated love for the movie Labyrinth. For all of the reasons. If you aren’t familiar with the movie. This little worm is in the movie. He invites another character in several times for tea and to “meet the missus”. They never do. I wondered what she might look like. This is one option.

Labyrinth Worm and the Missus on RedBubble

mr and mrs labyrinth worm

day 24 – Drawn during the Irondequoit Art Trail this year. I had seen a “sea hag” that someone else had drawn and I figured they would be much prettier than that.

sea hag, sea witch

day 25 – you know. Flying fox and all that. They just look a little different in Gaderen’s Forest.

Flying Fox on RedBubble

fox fly

day 26 – Magic Bunny. Some days you really need to be able to pull things out of thin air….. or a magic hat.

magic bunny tophat

day 27 – Winged kitties. Love them. They come in so many different varieties.

Winged Kitty on RedBubble

egyptian flying cat

day 28 – A quick one.


day 29 – Tooth Fairy.

tooth fairy

day 30 – Another quick one.


day 31 – Mummy Kitty Attacks!!! I had original intended to have the kitten unwinding the mummy wrapping…. but then my own kitty was stalking something that would have never ever moved (without her help). I figured this behavior in cats must be as old as time. So this mummy kitty is chasing a scarab carving.

Mummy Kitten on RedBubble

mummy kitten

day 32 – Lightning Bunny Bugs. Blinker Bugs. Something. They are real….. I know it with all of my being.

blinker bunnies

day 33 – Just a giraffe. Albeit a kind of cute one.

Little Giraffe on RedBubble

cute giraffe

day 34 – Mysterious lady inside a fancy frame.

Young Lady on RedBubble

lady in fancy frame

day 35 – a couple of happy mandrakes

couple of mandrake


I’m having way more difficulty keeping up with the scanning and the posting than I am with the actual drawing. I’m not sure I will continue to post all of them here. Maybe stick with my favorites only. Not sure.

If you want to see them on the day that they are posted you can follow me on Instagram @justteejay

Many of these are on RedBubble as well if you would like a version of one of them for your own.

Originals are always for sale, but some of these have gone very quickly (and some are still around).

Time to make the donuts. Hope that you have a great day.


The Perry Chalk Art Festival 2016

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I had such a good time at last year’s Perry Chalk Art Festival that I was really hoping that I would get the opportunity to participate again this year.

This year’s theme was “New York State of Mind”. I had to submit a concept and an application and wait to hear if I had been selected as a participant.

I told them that I wanted to do another piece with one of my winged merbunnies and include some of the symbols of New York State (such as the rose, the Eastern BlueBird and our state butterfly).

A few weeks before I got the email telling me that I had been approved to chalk again this year. I then sat down and roughed out a map of what I wanted to do. Layout proved to be more of a challenge than I had thought and my eventual design bore little resemblance to what was initially in my head (other than thematically).

initial sketch

As was the case last year, check in was super easy and friendly (the folks who put this on are amazing!)

I was presented with my sparkly new box of chalk.


I love art supplies. There are millions of options in any given box of chalk. Who did you give it to? What are they going to make with it? I can totally overwhelm myself with options (which is why it’s so important for me at something like this to have a plan going in).

The rain tried to play with us on and off for the first part of the day. We had tarps to cover the art during passing showers.

Unfortunately the tarp that I had wasn’t ‘quite’ water proof. It turned out not to have caused much damage anyhow so I was much less concerned the next time it rained.

Difficult to get a shot of the finished piece without getting my shadow in the way.


I won an award this year for best use of color.

I had a ridiculous amount of fun playing with chalk and definitely want to go back again next year if there will have me.

I got to keep the rest of my chalk (and the nifty little bag that it came in). So I really should try this at home.

Because what I really need in my life is more projects (read that in a sarcastic tone of voice).

Stop over. Tell me we should chalk in the driveway. I need an excuse🙂


The Dailies (a new drawing project begins)

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Of course I can’t possibly be with a project (or a hundred) at any given time. Must make ALL of the things – all of the time!

No really, the only time my brain (and the voices in it) manage to shut up is when I am creating.

So, inspired by a woman that I follow on Instagram, I decided to challenge myself with a daily drawing assignment. Only requirement being that it be drawn completely in that day and that it not be work related. My intention was that I just do a 10 minute sketch every morning.

It looks like most days these are going to take me more than that. A few have been quick when that was all time allotted (and I am sure there will be more days that is the case) but I am figuring more than that it is going to teach me to be more efficient in getting from concept to finished in less time.

These drawings (like most of my work) IS available for sale and my husband REALLY appreciates it when people adopt my work (and get it out of the house)…. (of course I see this as more opportunity for more projects… but he married me anyhow).

I don’t have a time frame on how long I intend to do this for. I am sure it will roll itself into other projects (such as when Drawlloween rolls around again) and a couple of these are crossovers from “The List” project that I was working on before.

Day 1 – color-erase pencils on white paper

drawing of bird on heart with band-aid

Day 2 – (also from the drawing list “parisian dragonfly kitty”) – colored pencils and marker on toned paper.

Parisian DragonFly Kitty

Day 3 – colored pencils and marker on white paper

mouse with dragonfly wings, crown and lantern (drawing)

Day 4 – Another crossover from the drawing suggestion list – Christmas Bunny

Christmas Bunny

Enter a caption

Day 5 – pencils on white paper

mermaid face drawing

Day 6 – Dragon SeaHorse (yet another crossover from the previous project) – pencils and marker on toned paper

Dragon Seahorse drawing

Day 7 – colored pencil and marker on white paper ( I was not having a good day that day)

Running Away Mouse

Day 8 – colored pencils and marker on white paper – I would like to do more with this one later. Could wind up a painting.

bumblemouse drawing

Day 9 – Colored pencil on white paper

drawing mermaid and merbunny

Day 10 – colored pencil and marker on white paper

bat with his bear

Day 11- Pirate Raccoon – on toned paper

pirate raccoon drawing

Day 12 – I had sat down on the couch and started the “what shall I draw?” process when my very old kitty came and propped himself up on the back of the couch. Great! I will draw Tora! he held still for mere moments when he realized I was drawing him and turned away from me (this the second drawing in the corner). I posted it anyhow. Then decided I couldn’t leave it like that. I added some of my own to it and am happier with the “after” drawing.


Day 13 – This is one of those dimensional drawings that only looks correct from one angle. I would like to do some of these big some day (another project).

dimensional rose drawing

Day 14 – There are some things that I really love about this one. I’m not sure if it would get to be a painting or if it is just perfect the way that it is.

contemplating pursuit

Day 15 – pencil and marker on toned paper. I’m not at all sure what the bird is hanging on to. A wand? A sharp pointy thing? One of those lady hair pins that doubles as a weapon? Not sure.

Bird with sharp thing

Day 16 – Colored pencils and marker on toned paper. It’s been WAY to hot out to think about going running. So it has given me more time in the mornings to draw.

mothmouse drawing

I will try to update these every couple of weeks so that the posts don’t get to be ridiculously long. You can keep up with them daily on Instagram by following me @justteejay Also some of these will wind up on my RedBubble Page. If there is one here that you wold like to see there, let me know and I will upload it for you.

Still Listing On

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From the Drawing Suggestion List

#39 – Illuminate


#40 – Angel Bunnies – As I have done frequently on this list I opted to draw the singular version of the suggestion. This one is on RedBubble.

angel bunny drawing

#40.5 – Elf Tiger – The original suggestion for this one was “7 wicked and goofy elves in a sliegh driven by 9 tigers”.  After repeated attempts to ask the suggester to simplify or pick one or two words (and getting no response), I moved on and did not give this one a number. Later on someone else suggested that it be simplified to elf tigers. Once again I opted to render the singular. This one is on RedBubble. 

elf tiger drawing

#41 – Parisian Dragonfly Kitty – I wasn’t really sure how to incorporate Parisian into this one. I figured the DragonFly Kitty should be elegant. I had toyed around with a scarf or some other fashion accessory and (perhaps because I have absolutely zero fashion sense) I couldn’t come up with anything that quite worked. Putting a Paris landmark in the background would have worked, but in the end ĂŽ opted against that as well.

dragonfly kitty


#42 – Christmas Bunny – I had joked when this one was suggested that it was probably going to be June before I made it this far down the list. Turns out it was actually July. Go Figure🙂

Christmas Bunny

# 43 – Dragon SeaHorse

Dragon Seahorse

That may be the end of this series. I had promised myself that I would do at least 30 and I have accomplished that and then some. There are a few inspirational prompts left from the list that didn’t get made. I may very well come back and revisit them or adapt them in some way. You never know.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a prompt for this series. Thank you to everyone who commented, shared and encouraged me while I was working on it.

Thank you to those of you that purchased originals for yourself or loved ones – and for those who purchase items from RedBubble.

Without all of you, I would be a crazy woman in a cave drawing in the dirt.