Opening at Whitman Works Gallery

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Had a simply splendid time at Whitman Works for the opening on my show this past weekend. Thank you so very very much to everyone who took the time to stop by and say hi and check out the show. It will be hanging until the 28th, so if you missed the opening, you still have time to stop by and see what there is to see.


I opted to paint for the first two days of the show as my opening instead of a normal party type thing. It worked out much better. I had more time to visit with the people who stopped by one on one than I would have at a convention opening party and I was able to start a couple of paintings.

Overview of the show:


The very beginning:



First sales of the show. Thank you so much!!!


Day 2



Photos from Friends:


I had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to this weekend at Hell City when I can hopefully finish up these two paintings and start some more.

Yeah, some tattoos

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I tattooed a fairy on my sister based off of a painting that I made (that my mom has) that my daughter posed for the reference. As a result the painting and the tattoo look a bit like my kid. So this is my kid (kind of) tattooed on my sister Joelle. Our Mom is still speaking to all of us and my sister did a great job healing the tattoo so I didn’t have to threaten her. I haven’t done much of that recently since she’s an adult and all.

I miss my family terribly and it was wonderful to get to spend some time with my sister and tell some “back in the day” stories. I think it’s really fun when tattoos mean something that would never be obvious to the casual observer. It allows us to share our stories if we choose to, but they can still be enjoyed just for the art without needing an explanation.

Teigan Fairy tattoo

After a bit of a hiatus we are back to working on Casey’s Satyr Skull tattoo. Yes, that hurts every bit as much as you think that it does.

Satyr Skull tattoo (in progress)

Work in progress on a sleeve that I am super excited about. There is a subsequent session photo further along in this piece.

work in progress - tattoo sleeve

King David.

King David Tattoo

Added a sun behind the Rick Griffin based surfer skeleton on my friend Quack’s side. He calls me PinHead when I tattoo him.

rick griffin surfing skeleton tattoo

the Enchanted Rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

enchanted rose tattoo

Tiger Baby?

tiger baby tattoo

It was a great honor to make this memorial tattoo for a wonderful human being who unfortunately lost his wife. You don’t need to know why he chose a pressed fairy to get tattooed for her – she would have gotten it. I am huge fan of Brian Froud’s work and have always loved the Pressed Fairy book.

Looking forward to getting healed photos.

pressed fairy tattoo

Pressed Fairy tattoo

I didn’t get good photos of this session, but this is a really fun project on a great human who I look forward to seeing when she comes in.


This actually may be my favorite tattoo ever. People always ask me if I have a favorite. I never did. This might be it. Hopefully I don’t do anything to screw it up now that I have said that publicly.


I made this Abby cat tattoo…

cat portrait tattoo

working from this reference…


I didn’t get the drawing right on this the first time – client was patient enough with me to wait until we could get it right. Both of us were happy with this version.

black and grey owl tattoo

Healed photos of these cat enhanced breasts 🙂


Fun addition to an existing piece on a wrist. Starr made the ribbon tattoo (I don’t know how long ago) and I added the sunflower (and ladybug).

sunflower tattoo

For clarification (and for anyone who reads these). Once again, I have not retired from tattooing. I still tattoo. Quite a bit. I no longer want to make tattoo that have words in them. I like making tattoos like the ones that I post, especially brightly colored minimal outline tattoos. Anything involving an animal or nature themes is always good.

I’m okay with people telling other people that I am retired. If enough people say it, maybe eventually it will be true.


Drawing and Painting from Life

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Life drawing in charcoal – single session – Thursday group at the Hungerford Building.

I still dislike charcoal. Having sparkly charcoal helps some.


Life drawing done at Steve Carpenter Gallery at Open Studio on Monday night. This was done on the iPad Pro using Procreate.


Another session at the Hungerford Building on a Thursday. On this particular Thursday I had managed to leave all of my normal sized paint brushes at Steve’s gallery. I had no idea until I started to paint. I used brushes I would normally only use for backgrounds. It was a good exercise for me.

First of two sessions.


The following session (2 of 2)


Different model (I think her name is Michelle) at the Thursday group at the Hungerford Building. First of two sessions.


and the second session. I will say I am relatively unhappy with this one. Probably more so than any of the other ones that I have done in this series. Maybe I’ll like it more later. That happens sometimes. Michelle looks around more than most of the other models and I’m not quick enough to get her eyes right in any given position. So I think these are both overworked and unrealistic. I’m not blaming her. I watch Steve just completely make up features that he doesn’t like or can’t see – I’m not to that level yet. Someday, but in the meantime I wind up with paintings that look like this.


Another session from Thursday (the Monday group was cancelled due to the weather).


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the second session for this one, but I really am relatively happy with it. I did take some reference photos so if the mood strikes me I could go back into it and finish it further.



Mini Update on Kitties (Bob, Thor and Baldur)

•November 20, 2017 • 1 Comment

Now with even MORE updates – see bottom of page….

Back from the vet.

It’s still too soon to tell 100% for sure if Bob is pregnant. We don’t ‘think’ so, but need another couple of weeks to know for sure. Today she had her vaccines that were safe (to give to a pregnant cat). She has a follow up appointment on December 9th. By then we should know positively for sure. She will get her next set of vaccines and the ones that she couldn’t start until we knew she wasn’t pregnant. If all goes according to plan she will then be spayed on December 18th and will be ready to go to her forever home.

Cleo’s kittens are doing great! They got their vaccine boosters today. They will be old enough on December 9th to get their rabies and their last vaccines. They also (if everything goes according to plan) will get neutered on December 18th. That will bring them ready to go to their forever homes. (Just in time for Christmas if you know someone who would like to see a new friend (or two) under their tree. I had originally planned on keeping Baldur (and still would) but if someone can take both of them – I would let him go. They are so close and spend so much time together I am starting to get concerned about separating them.

Bob’s kittens are coming back to spend the week with me so I will be able to get photos of them and introduce them all properly over the next few days. If you know someone who is interested in giving one of the rescues a forever home, please reach out to me directly at

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


For the record – I did NOT put all three of them in this box together, it was way too small…. they took it upon themselves to climb in there together after their exams and shots.




These kittens have found their forever home. They have been claimed and will be moving to their new home after their surgeries.

There are still Bob’s four kittens who are yet to be placed and Bob has not had an adoption confirmation yet.

Again, if you are interested in meeting any of the kitties or know of someone who would like to give them new homes, reach out to me directly at

Thank you again!!!

Meet the Kitties! This is “Bob”.

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*note* Update at bottom of post.

“Bob” was named Bob because she is at least part Japanese Bobtail. The bitty tail is genetic and not an injury. Most of the kittens we rescued with her have the Bob tail also (three of the four, their photos and profiles will be later.)

Bob is the second of the moms that we were able to get off of the street. She is about 2-3 years old. She has been de-wormed and started her shots. She has tested negative for feline leukemia and feline HIV. The vet tells me that her teeth are in really good shape.

Bob is ridiculously snuggly. Really. She has muscled her way past every one of our resident kitties to be the first to a lap. She is affectionate, loves being held and to date has not decided she has “had enough” of being pet.

Bob would do best in a family where there are a lot of laps and loving or in a household where someone is home a lot (and has a lot of loving). She loves being with people. I think in time she will snuggle with the other kitties as well, but seriously seems to prefer the company of humans. She did weirdly well in transitioning to the community in our house. She hissed at the other cats for a few days, but never did so in an aggressive way (yes, I know that doesn’t make sense) She would hiss, but would do it while laying down flat and with her stomach exposed. Her movements and behaviors did not in any way appear aggressive, but she still hissed. Less than a week in and she has stopped doing it. The ONLY instance of her being even a little bit aggressive was when we gave them all catnip. She played with the kittens a little rougher than we wanted to see and separated her. I don’t know if she was playing or actually being mean, but I didn’t want to take the chance. Other than that she has been super sweet. She has not been food aggressive in any way and has consistently used the litter box since the day we rescued her. No accidents.

Bob is scheduled for her next vet appointment on the 20th. By then I think we will be able to know for sure if she is pregnant or not. If she is not, we will schedule her for her spade and then she will be available to go to her forever home. We have one family who have asked about adopting Bob, but have not committed yet. If you are interested in meeting Bob or have any questions, please reach out to me directly at or leave a question on here.

If it turns out that Bob is indeed pregnant obviously it will be a while longer before she can go anywhere. I will update here after her vet visit. Please feel free to share this and the posts that will follow with the information on all of the kitties.

If you are thinking about taking Bob into your life – please know that we will NOT be offended if you change her name. We are aware that Bob isn’t the greatest name ever… it’s the one she came with and we didn’t come up with a better one yet.


IMG_1810IMG_1824IMG_1835 IMG_1844IMG_1846 IMG_1862 IMG_1863 IMG_1867IMG_1868

This is how Bob prefers to be. She has made herself quite at home. She loves belly rubs and pretty much any kind of petting or being held. Out of all of the kitties that we have taken in through this process Bob is the one I have the most confidence in placing. Since she is full grown I know this is her personality. She is amazing and will bring a lot of love to the home she winds up in. I will miss having her on the couch “helping” with my homework.



So Bob’s vet appointment was not 100% conclusive. There is still a chance that she could be pregnant. We do not ‘think’ she is, but there is always a chance. So we have another vet appointment on December 9th. By that time we should know 100%. Presuming she is not pregnant, she will get the last of her vaccinations and her rabies shot. Her spade is scheduled for December 18th with a couple days to recover she could be at her new forever home in time for Christmas. There are people who have expressed interest in taking Bob to live with them, but no one has committed yet for sure. If you are interested in meeting Bob or have any questions, please reach out to me directly at

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Art without a Neat Category

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Some of the other stuff I’ve been up to…

Start of the Milkweed Bunnies painting (oil on canvas)

milkweedIMG_1040milkweedIMG_1041milkweedIMG_1042milkweedIMG_1043milkweedIMG_1044milkweedIMG_1045milkweed bunniesmilkweed bunnies

Drawing done from the prompt “Lady Death Fae Bat”.

lady death fan bat

Second Session of Painting from Life. Oil on Canvas. Previous session is on a prior post.


Milkweed Bunnies in Progress

milkweedIMG_1240milkweedIMG_1241milkweed bunnies

Life Drawing on the iPad with ProCreate. I didn’t stay for the long pose.


First of two sessions from life. Oil on Canvas.


First session on a painted version of the Flying Fancytail Mermouse.


Wasn’t sure what else I wanted to do with the mouse and still had some time left in class, so I started a rose. Didn’t finish it and as of this writing have not gone back into it yet.

rose underpainting

Second of two sessions painting from life. Oil on Canvas.

life paintinglife paintinglife painting

First session on this Flying Bunny painting (in oil). In all honesty I really didn’t have a solid idea where I was going with this one. I had a rough sketch that I liked of just the bunny. I was very excited about the wings in the rough, but they just weren’t working well in the painting and ultimately I abandoned them to take this in a different direction. It’s always interesting to see where the paintings wander off to when I give them room.

FlyingBunnyIMG_1634FlyingBunnyIMG_1635FlyingBunnyIMG_1636FlyingBunnyIMG_1637FlyingBunnyIMG_1638FlyingBunnyIMG_1640FlyingBunnyIMG_1641FlyingBunnyIMG_1642flying bunny painting first sesion

Life Drawing done at Open Studio (Monday) at Steve Carpenter’s Gallery. These were done on the iPad in ProCreate. I didn’t stay for the long pose.

life drawinglife drawinglife drawing elflife drawing

Single session portrait drawing from life (in charcoal). This was a two session sitting but I missed the first one because it was the day I got bit by the cat.


This is based on a drawing that I had done of a fancy tail flying mermouse which I had used for some of my other stuff (business cards and stickers I think). I turned the mermouse to more of a profile which I’m not 100% convinced was a good idea. This one may be finished or I may go back into it some, I haven’t decided yet.

flying fancy tail mermouse

Second session on this flying bunny. Not finished yet, but getting better.

TeeJay Flying Bunny

By this time in the Drawlloween prompts I had gotten frustrated with this year’s prompts. I decided to give up on Drawlloween and just draw things that I wanted to draw.

TeaTime Companion.

tea time companion

TeaCup Pigs.

teacup pigs

Cat light bulb. I think I may revisit this drawing as there are a couple of things I would like to do differently. It may work better digitally or in paint so that I can get the color range I would like.

Edison bulb cat

Drawing that I did from the prompt “Dinosaur Cat Pants”. Because of course.

Tyrannosaurus rex in Cat Pajamas  More to come (as always)….

Tattooing – Because I still love it

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Retiring comes up a lot. I haven’t yet. Mostly I want to on the days that someone has frustrated me beyond my limits. In dealing with the public that still happens. Even though it still happens I love tattooing and I love 99.7% of my clients. Here is some of what I have been up to lately.

While it is true that I have cut way back in the projects that I am taking on. I will continue to tattoo friends and good people for the foreseeable future.

Lovely (healed) peony on a stellar human being.

healed peony tattoo

Getting there on Chad’s arm. Still a few empty skin spaces that are bugging him far more than you would think 🙂


Peacock tattoo for a really nice lady.

peacock tattoo

Memorial Tattoo. Did not get good photos of this one. Hope that he will stop in at some point so that I can get some when everything is healed and settled in.

color portrait tattoo

Little bitty adorable elephant for Amanda’s little wrist.

cute elephant tattoo

Started this Celtic Heart knot for Pat. Looking forward to going back into it. We haven’t decided if we are going to go color or black and grey shading. Suggestions?

Celtic heart tattoo

Because Jesse asks me if I would make her a Stink Bug tattoo. Are you kidding?!? How could I POSSIBLY say no to a request like that. Incidentally if anyone else would like any little bugs tattooed on them, please let me know.

stink bug tattoo

Chad is still picking away at those “pesky skin spots” that are remaining on his arm from the start of his first tattoo. We’ve almost gotten all of them now and he is going to have to decide soon where he is going next.

Chad's eye tattoo (underarm)

Robert is a newer friend but someone who I have learned a great deal from in a short period of time. I am glad he and his family have entered my life.

Sherlock tattoo

Quack is an old friend. He hasn’t gotten tattoo in a while but decided to come back to it by getting his ribs tattooed. Ouch! This has another session to go. The lines are healed and the color is fresh here.

The original artwork is by Rick Griffin. I did modify it some (but not too much).

rick griffin surfing skeleton

Leslie is an amazing human that I really enjoy spending time with. This is the healed photo from her last session.


This is what we added this time (the blue poppies). The flower above is also healed from a few sessions back.

blue poppies tattoorealistic flower tattoo

I did make other tattoos besides these as well, but the photos aren’t useable for one reason or another. I have some fun projects coming up this winter and am looking forward to a bunch of them.

till next time….